How to convert VIDEO into AUDIO format??

How to convert VIDEO into AUDIO. Sometimes you have a song which was available to you only in video format but you need to listen to it on audio device it can get pretty frustrating when some devices don’t read video format and require you to convert that video file into an audio file. There can be multiple reasons to do this from saving storage to unavailability of an audio format of a file

There are many software’s paid as well as free for converting video files into audio but they can sometimes be very heavy in terms of space and costly when converting high quality files in those cases I recommend using a website which provides conversion in high quality for free on one of these website is LINK with this website you can convert videos which you don’t even have download from DRIVE, DROPBOX or using LINK of that videoLet’s try converting this video song which is on my computer into an audio


Open this WEBSITE then click on open files

 Then select the video 

 Select the quality you want and click on convert

Then on the next page click on download 

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