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Replace Iphone’s Battery | 6,6s,5,5s

Iphone 6,6s,7s,7 Charging Port Not Working (Solved) “FREE”

Iphone 6 has many features but also comes with a few drawback’s one of those is weak battery life which makes us closer to our chargers and charging port more. The problem is with excessive charging is that the life of our iphone charger and iphone charging cable reduce and when it stops working we freak-out not knowing what the problem is whether it’s the cable or adapter or our iphone itself. Since you are reading this post it would be safe to assume that your iphone also stopped charging and you don’t know what to do

First of all stop panicking these fix are for free and even if it’s an iphone repair it won’t cost you much


  1. Turn It off and back on

Try it worked for me the first time

  1. Change the adapter and cable

Try using one of your friends cable to see if it works. If it does then use the cable and interchangeably to see which is faulty and replace it with new one

  1. Check your port (Be careful not to damage anything)

Now it’s time to get a bit physical you need take a small needle or something similar and clean your port like in the image it will some fluffy stuff “lint” which might be the reason of your iphone not charging. After cleaning thoroughly retry to charge

  1. Change the port

This is the last option and last why your phone is not charging you need to change the port you buy the whole assembly and changing kit for less than 10$ or 650Rs from amazon you can check the video on how to change it

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