How to use VPN/Proxy free | High speed ?


VPN (Virtual Private network) or also known as proxy creates a wall or barrier between your internet connection and your isp,website And anybody trying to sniff your connection VPN is great tool for people who want remain anonymous or for people who can not access certain sites either in country/school/office because of the restriction posted by the administration. using VPN is always recommended even when you can access websites it reduces the chance of being attacked by a malicious hacker or website storing your personal data
·       Anonymity                                         
·       Access to restricted content
·       Safety
·        DDOS Security
·       Reliability
·       Reduced Speed
So now the question arises how can we use VPN  and protect ourself. the VPN which we will use today is an extension based VPN for browser allows you to connect to different countries and it is totally free
Step 1:  Go to this LINK and download this extension

Step 2: Check your ip by googling whats my ip

Step 3: Open extension and choose the country

Step 4: Hit connect 

Step 5: Check your ip to see if its working




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