Should I buy GTX 1080Ti when I have GTX 980Ti

NOTICE: This is very subject product review

Recently, I changed my GPU to GTX 1080 Ti because I need larger VRAM size for my machine learning process. Few days after changing the GPU, I noticed two things. They are Heat and Noise.

  • Heat. I usually full load my GPU for days for machine learning model training. When I used 980 Ti, the room becomes very hot. However, 1080 Ti has no heat problem. I even barely notice it that the card is on full-load because even the fan is running very occasionally.
  • Noise. I heard repeated high-frequency noise. The rhythm is the same as batch loading (Yes, I am running mini-batch SGD). This sound may come from when data is transferred in/out from/to GPU. My new GPU don’t have such problem.

After I upgraded my GPU, I am very satisfied that now I can use GPU 24/7 without any irritation.


For more info. This is my GPU vendor


MSI GTX1080Ti gaming X D5X 11GB twin frozr VI


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